Aaron Hernandez doesn’t surrender as he is arrested and taken from his house by police

The most striking thing about Aaron Hernandez's arrest just before 9 a.m. on Wednesday might be the abrupt manner in which it took place.

There was no low-key surrender by the former New England Patriots' tight end to police. Instead, NFL Network reported that five police cars showed up at Hernandez's house in North Attleborough and nine police officers were on the scene. NFL Network repeatedly played a video in which seven of the police officers go to Hernandez's front door, and immediately enter when a shirtless Hernandez answers the door. A few minutes after that, Hernandez was led out of his house. He had a shirt placed over his arms, which were behind his back in handcuffs. Hernandez has been a key figure in an investigation into the death of Odin Lloyd, an associate of Hernandez's who was found dead near the player's house. Police believe Lloyd was killed by a gunshot in the early morning hours on June 17.

About an hour and a half after Hernandez was arrested at his home, news broke that he had been released by the Patriots.

Harvey Steinberg, a Denver-area lawyer who has handled many cases involving NFL players, said on NFL Network that it was telling that police didn't appear to contact Hernandez's lawyers and allow him to surrender at the police station. Steinberg told NFL Network that the fact that the police indicated that Hernandez will face a much more serious charge than obstruction of justice.

"Otherwise they needlessly humiliated Mr. Hernandez in front of the media," Steinberg told NFL Network.

Massachusetts State Police said that charges against Hernandez will be revealed at his arraignment on Wednesday.

Hernandez has been staked out by the media for days, and his trip to the Patriots' facility and his lawyers' office last week prompted a chase by media helicopters. There were no sightings of him outside the house since then. A surrender by Hernandez at the police station would have led to a similar scene to his drive last week.

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