Aaron Hernandez denied bail again, judge says prosecution has ‘very, very strong’ circumstantial case

Aaron Hernandez's attorney argued that he wouldn't be a flight risk and had no criminal record, but a judge denied his appeal that he should be released on bail.

Hernandez was charged with murder in the case of Odin Lloyd's death on June 17,

The former New England Patriots tight end appeared in Fall River Superior Court wearing a blue prison outfit, standing to the side of the courtroom near his lawyers. Hernandez's lawyer James Sultan argued to Judge Renee Dupuis that Hernandez "shouldn't get special treatment because he's a celebrity, he should get special treatment because the facts that support bail in his particular case happen to be unusual." Sultan discussed that Hernandez had a fiancee and baby at home, he had to undergo physical therapy and rehab for a shoulder surgery and severe back problems, and the media attention to Hernandez meant that he couldn't flee even if he wanted to.

The judge, citing the cold-blooded nature of the killing and the facts that the prosecution has presented so far in court, denied the appeal.

In making her ruling, Dupuis stated that the evidence against Hernandez was "circumstantial to be sure, but a very, very strong circumstantial case."

Sultan, making his plea that Hernandez be allowed bail, questioned the strength of the prosecution's motive that Hernandez was upset that Lloyd was talking to people in a club that Hernandez didn't like, and also said they had no direct evidence about who shot Lloyd or who was present when he was shot.

"They have a theory, and we look forward to testing the quality of their evidence at trial," Sultan said.

Bristol County Assistant District Attorney William McCauley, arguing that Hernandez has the means and motivation to flee, said Hernandez shouldn't be allowed bail. He also showed a TMZ photo of Hernandez holding a Glock handgun, and said there was reason to believe a Glock was used to shoot Lloyd.

McCauley was asked what the prosecution believed was the motive for the killing, McCauley said he wasn't prepared to reveal part of the possible motive publicly in court, but would tell Dupuis in a sidebar. He then openly discussed the previously revealed allegation that Hernandez was upset with Lloyd for talking to some people in a club that Hernandez didn't like.

Dupuis said that she didn't feel that based on the circumstantial evidence and nature of the crime that a tracking bracelet would keep Hernandez from fleeing if he wanted to.

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