Aaron Hernandez’s associate gave up details, here’s how his story matches up with prosecution’s theory

Now we have a fairly good idea how the prosecution was able to charge Aaron Hernandez with first-degree murder, and lay out most of the timeline of the night Odin Lloyd was killed during Hernandez's arraignment.

Carlos Ortiz, an associate of Hernandez who claims he was with Hernandez, Lloyd and another Hernandez associate Ernest Wallace the night Lloyd was shot, provided police with all the details they needed.

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The affidavit filed in Florida court revealed the details. The biggest bombshell was that Ortiz told police that Hernandez admitted to firing the shots that killed Lloyd. As more details of the affidavit were shared by Pro Football Talk, a more comprehensive look at what Ortiz told police and how that matched up with the prosecution's theory of events become more clear.

The source has to be considered. Ortiz was meeting with his probation officer when police asked him about Hernandez and Lloyd, and some details are unusual. His version will obviously be a big part of the case against Hernandez.

• Ortiz told police he and Wallace showed up at Hernandez's house a little after midnight on June 17, and Hernandez and his girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins weren't there. That is a bit unusual, considering search warrants released Tuesday revealed Jenkins said she and Hernandez went to a Father's Day dinner and she went to bed early. Ortiz said a babysitter let them in. Ortiz said he saw a "large and small handgun" in the house, according to the PFT report citing the affidavit in Florida, and when Hernandez returned he was holding a handgun.

• There was a mystery of how the prosecution knew the motive that Hernandez was upset with Lloyd for talking to certain people at a club a few days earlier. The prosecution never revealed during the arraignment the source of that information. Ortiz's version of events is consistent with the prosecution's theory. Ortiz said that Hernandez told Lloyd he was "chilling" with people he had a problem with. Ortiz said the two men shook hands and the problem seemed to be solved. Shortly after that, the three men got out of the car to urinate, and Ortiz heard gunshots.

• Ortiz said he was asleep before the car stopped for the three to urinate and stayed in the car, so that apparently explains the reason why Wallace felt the need to tell Ortiz that Hernandez fired the shots. After Ortiz said Wallace asked him to "get a small gun located under the rear of the driver’s seat," per PFT, Ortiz went inside and handed it to Hernandez, then fell back asleep.

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