The 49ers have fallen to 0-1

The San Francisco 49ers lost yesterday. I don't know how they managed to do this, since they don't actually play anyone until August 14th, when the Broncos come to town for a preseason game. All I can do is take Mike Singletary's word for it, though. From

Singletary spoke to his players for a good 15 minutes following practice, his voice rising to the occasion of his passion on several occasions. The message seemed to be to get it right whenever you take the field. The month of May, or at least the 19th, was not so merry for the 49ers.

"Practice today was not what it needs to be," Singletary said. "We'll be better. We have to be better going forward. The players know me well enough to know it's all about getting better every day. It was not good. The 49ers, where we're planning to go, the things we have in mind, this is not it. We lost today."

Is it news that the 49ers had a bad practice in mid-May? Of course not. That's what May is for, especially when you're installing a brand new offense. Bad practices happen. You don't want them to become habit, of course, but as a fan, the only time I'd be concerned the odd sloppy practice is maybe the day before the Super Bowl.

The goods news -- to 49ers fans and to media types -- is that Mike Singletary's trademark intensity apparently goes year-round. I was a little concerned that maybe Mike was just a little excitable when he took over last year in mid-season, and that he'd mellow out with some time on the job. I was afraid that things like the dropping of the trou, and the beautiful Vernon Davis screed were an aberration.

When he's declaring a mid-May OTA a "loss," though, I don't think that's a concern anymore. Do what you do, Coach Singletary. Keep the pants down and the intensity up. Feel free to put that on a t-shirt, if you'd like.

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