125-pound mother of four devours record number of wings to win Philly's Wing Bowl

Nothing that happens in Sunday's Super Bowl is going to be as surprising as this: Molly Schuyler, a 125-pound mother of four, defeated all comers, including a Philadelphia Eagles center, to win Friday's Wing Bowl 22 in Philadelphia.

Schuyler devoured 363 wings in 30 minutes for the victory. You read that right: 363 wings. Ms. Schuyler, a mother of four from Omaha (OMAHA!), Nebraska, will have to understand why she's not going to be invited to many Super Bowl parties.

The Wing Bowl is the creation of Philadelphia radio station WIP. Now in its 22nd year, it's a combination of rock concert and Vegas buffet, and it takes place in the early morning at the Wells Fargo Center. Celebrities from both Philadelphia and the world of competitive eating gather to take part, and this year, a most unexpected upset took place.

Schuyler's 363 wings demolished the old record of 337 set by Takeru Kobayashi two years ago. In the first 14-minute round, Schuyler consumed 186 wings. By the second 14-minute round, she was at 334. Then she knocked back the rest in the two-minute speed round to claim the prize.

Also in attendance: Eagles center Jason Kelce, who consumed "only" 65 wings and didn't make it out of the first round. “The hardest part was the speed,” Kelce told a local CBS outlet. “I’m not used to eating like this this early in the morning. I’m usually eating eggs and bacon. But this was awesome. It was a great experience. But the speed got me. I’m usually not a fast eater, and I know I could have gone another 14 minutes eating. But the speed factor was killing me. I’ve never seen anyone eat as fast as these people. It’s amazing.”

Here's Kelce, Google Glass and all, in action:

Other Philly celebs in attendance included Eagles coach Chip Kelly and former Phillie Matt Stairs.

Schuyler is scheduled to compete in the IHOP Pancake Bowl on Saturday in Des Moines, then will hit the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival later that day. Keep your fingers, children, and pets away from her, for your own safety.

“I think I could eat some more,” Schuyler said afterward. “This was freaking crazy. I kept eating and I kept saying I didn’t want to know how many wings I ate until the end. I just wanted to focus on what I was doing. But I don’t think I want to eat another chicken wing for a while. Hopefully I’ll be back next year.”

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