'Jacked central!' Patriots' Rob Gronkowski evidently feeling great after rehab

By now, you should know that we at the Shutdown Corner are committed to learning how to speak Gronk.

It's a tricky endeavor, but know that we won't stop until we have it mastered.

For instance, when TMZ finds Rob Gronkowski walking on a hill in California (whah?!) and tells him he looks "beast," that's a good thing. In this usage, it's an adjective. We also know, for instance, that Gronk agrees with that assessment when he responds.

"I do, I have been beast mode lately, baby," he said. "Jacked central, that's all."

Glad we could help decipher this stuff for you. Gronk even volunteers to show off how in shape ("swoll" also would have worked well here) he is by offering to do pushups for his TMZ friend. How many pushups?

"Probably 69," he says.

Ah, sweet Gronk.

He was in town for the Entourage movie, which he said was "super sick." What Gronk and fellow Patriot Julian Edelman did on screen is top secret stuff, he says, but he does leak that Johnny Drama will be in a scene with the two of them. Just something to get the plot moving, we suspect.

Gronk also says he hopes to "get asked back one time" because the movie is "sick." He does know that movie sets get taken down after they are done filming, right? Ah, a worry for another day.

The conversation does, however, take a wrong turn along the way when Mr. TMZ asks about Gronk's health. (Which is why you're all here, right?) The final minute is uncomfortable. It's as if a mini-Bill Belichick appears on Gronk's shoulder, as he becomes agitated with the line of questioning and goes into cliché-lob mode. 

TMZ: "What percentage would you say you're at?"

Gronk: "I don't do percentages."

TMZ should know this. Shutdown Corner does. We also know that trying to dig your way out of a hole by going with the Tom Brady line of questioning — especially his real estate dealings — is just going to confuse and anger big Gronk.


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