Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion plagues punt returners

Cruelly, NFL players have to sacrifice a lot for their craft. They're away from their families, their workout routines can be brutal and they're subject to a lot of harsh public criticism. Also, many punt returners have to give up slathering their forearms with Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion.

What happens if they don't? Antrel Rolle(notes) learned the hard way last Thursday night in the Cardinals preseason opener against the Steelers. From the official site of Antrel Rolle:

I got a chance to return punts last night but I forgot about it until game time. I always put some real thick Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion on my arms because it keeps me warm and loose during games. I do it before every game but I forgot that I was returning punts on Thursday. I caught the punt perfectly, but as soon as I tucked it away I felt it start to slip. Then someone hit me from behind and it just slipped out.

Full disclosure: I once purchased and used the Japanese Cherry Blossom body wash. The scent is delightful, so in some ways, it's hard to blame Antrel Rolle for being unable to resist. I'm just glad he didn't use the body butter. Imagine the chaos that could be set off by that aromatic lubrication.

They either need to put a warning label on that stuff, or perhaps cover it with a special seminar at the league's rookie symposium. Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion is too dangerous a substance to not be addressed.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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