'Lombardi,' Part 2: The Steve Sabol Podcast

"The NFL always had a history, but we've given it a mythology" -- Steve Sabol

That assessment of what his NFL Films company has done for professional football is exactly correct -- since he and his father Ed Sabol turned what used to be Blair Motion Pictures into a mammoth production house with talent that has won too many awards to count, NFL Films President Steve Sabol has been the face and voice of the league as much as anyone else.

And because his involvement with the league goes so far back, Sabol was the perfect podcast subject for our Vince Lombardi tribute. You may have read our interview with David Maraniss, the author of "When Pride Still Mattered," which the current play based on Lombardi's life came from. But more than any other entity, it was NFL Films that brought Lombardi's legacy forward, adding the mythology of the man who became, as Sabol has said, "The Patron Saint of pro football."

In this wide-ranging conversation, Sabol talks about the man behind the myth, and how the myth was created -- why Lombardi and Ed Sabol got along so well, the things that set Lombardi apart as a man and a coach, how the coach and NFL Films helped each other, and what it was like to film the Ice Bowl. Sit back and enjoy a thick slice of NFL history with the man who's been there to chronicle most of it since 1962.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Steve Sabol

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