Rex Ryan doesn't deny that his wife is YouTube foot fetish star

Rex Ryan isn't denying that his wife of 23 years, Michelle, is the star of a popular series of web videos for foot fetishists.

The New York Jets coach told a Chicago reporter that the subject of Tuesday's Deadspin report, which implied that he filmed Michelle for a number of foot-focused web videos, was a personal matter. His lack of denial seems to suggest that the woman in the videos is Michelle and that the male voice heard off camera belongs to him.

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You can read all the details at Deadspin but the gist is that Rex's wife Michelle (the one he jokingly compared to Gisele Bundchen a few weeks ago) is the star of a number of popular YouTube clips devoted to her feet. Going by the handle "ihaveprettyfeet," Michelle, or a woman who looks an awful lot like her, talks about her "soft," "petite" and "beautiful" feet as the camera zooms in and out of them.

The videos stopped in mid-2009 before Ryan's first year as Jets head coach.

Deadspin was tipped off by a reader, who noted the similarities in looks between "ihaveprettyfeet" and Michelle Ryan. But the parallels don't end there. Another reader noted that some details on the profile of "ihaveprettyfeet" on an adult website has a lot in common with Michelle's bio, including her previous location (Ellicot City, Md., when Rex was with the Baltimore Ravens), birth month (December) and having completed a graduate degree. That's hardly enough to convict in a court of law, but plenty to sway the court of public opinion.

With his non-denial, Rex may have just as well confirmed the story.


So what does this all mean? Not much, other than that Rex and Michelle have one of the more common sexual fetishes and little care for their own privacy. If it is them, the couple posted the videos knowing they'd be seen by people who could recognize them. And they did it anyway. It's probably not the tack I'd take, but I also wouldn't have said my team was Super Bowl favorites in August.

What someone does in the privacy of their own home (or SUV) with a consenting partner is none of my business. When you put it out there, though, it's tough to ignore. If true, Rex and Michelle Ryan took a private matter and made it public by releasing these videos. They neither deserve sympathy nor scorn.