Zone read: Boston College player charged for making a sex tape of a teammate

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 Boston College defensive tackle Jaryd Rudolph found a creative use of his cellphone — secretly recording his teammate having sex.

Well, not only is that mean, sick and wrong, it also violates Massachusetts' privacy and eavesdropping laws and led the female involved to press charges against the 19-year-old backup player.

Rudolph, who pleaded not guilty at his arraignment, has been suspended from the football team. A BC spokesman said Rudolph also has been placed on university probation and ordered to undergo educational training and counseling.

The woman involved in the encounter said through her lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian, that she was humiliated when other BC students teased her about the recording at her workplace.

Rudolph, a junior at BC, was released on personal recognizance and ordered to stay away from the woman. He is due back in court April 17.

Apparently, Rudolph shared the cell video with at least one teammate and now could face up to 2 ½ years in jail for his filmmaking.

Looking for a role model: As TCU readies for its entrance into the Big 12 this fall, it's been looking for programs to model itself after. One would think Texas would be at the top of the Horned Frogs' list, but it's Baylor that has attracted the fancy of the Frogs, according to Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway.

For years, the Big 12's Dead Weight in Waco, yes, it's that Baylor. At the moment, there's not a better overall athletic department, top to bottom, in the entire Big 12. Doing more with less is what's happening in Waco.

This is what TCU wants to be. Baylor. But heck, look at it right now, and bleeping UT would kill to be Baylor.

What, of course, turned it all Waco's way was Art Briles, RG3 and the Bears' sudden success in football in 2011. No matter what else happens in all other sports, it has to start with football, and when the Bears finally made that breakthrough, the Big 12 calendar year now belongs to Baylor.

And it's not only football. Baylor's men's basketball team plays Friday night in the Sweet 16 and its woman's basketball team is undefeated (and star Brittney Griner can dunk). Its other sports are consistently good as well.

I think we all remember when Baylor used to be the butt of everyone's jokes (two years ago). It's amazing what a Heisman Trophy can do for a university.

Lawyer up, BCS: Remember when the Utah attorney general Mark Shurtleff started the process to sue the BCS? Yeah, he's still going through with it. According to, Shurtleff's goal is to try and do away with the BCS altogether even though it might dissolve on its own as college football continues to look at a playoff system.

Shurtleff's office posted a 34-page document on its website and listed four main concerns about the BCS:

• Elimination of automatic qualifying conferences.
• Making all the rating tools -- human polls, computers -- "transparent." Currently only one of the six BCS computer indexes makes its mathematical formula public. Voters in the coaches' poll reveal only their final regular-season ballots. AP voters are free to publish their weekly ballots.
• Any future "bowl system" must not have a "bias" toward teams or conferences. A potential objective of the legal action, says the document, is that each team begins each season with an equal chance to play in a BCS bowl.
• Possible competitive bidding to host any BCS bowl or national championship game.

Of course, Shurtleff has yet to find a legal team to take on his case and even if he does, will his case even matter?

Ross Bjork introduces himself as Ole Miss' new AD:

Sticky notes: Auburn has many questions to answer this spring, including who will play quarterback? … North Carolina's scandal can be traced back to the state of Oklahoma… Georgia will have a freshman backup quarterback Aaron Murray… And apparently Denard Robinson is becoming quite the passer this offseason.

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