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Every week it seems like someone has a beef with BCS and this week the state of Nevada takes it's turn.

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The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that several Nevada higher education leaders are threatening to bring suit against the BCS for unfair distribution of BCS funds to FBS schools.

Um, get in line.

The payout from 2010-11 was $118 million to the Big Six conferences — ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC — and $27.2 million to be divvied up among the non-AQ conferences — Conference USA, Mountain West, Mid-American, Sun Belt and WAC. The Mountain West earned the majority of that money at $12.75 million.

"What frustrates me is taxpayers are, in essence, funding the infrastructure of college football," Regent Michael Wixom said. "In a decade or two, taxpayers are going to fund the entire system to the benefit of a few elite schools. It's unsustainable.

"I'm infuriated by this nonsense," he continued. "I want this stopped."

With the BCS system likely changing in a couple years, it's unknown how the new revenue will be distributed, but it's fair to say that it probably won't be much different than it is now and might be even worse given that just one of the remaining teams among the non-AQs (Hawaii) has ever played in a BCS bowl game and access to BCS bowl might be limited to some of the smaller schools.

Nevada and UNLV are both in the Mountain West, which is in the process of merging with Conference USA. If the two conferences can strike up a good television deal, it might be more lucrative than it is now, but the schools also will have to split that money among what could be 24 other schools just in their conference.

Off the hot seat: Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray said coach Mark Richt's job status was an added stress for the Bulldogs a year ago.

After a 6-7 season in 2010, Richt was on the hot seat and many thought he'd be on his way out after 2011. But the Bulldogs rallied around their coach and managed a 10-4 season, which included an appearance in the SEC title game. Now that Richt is currently negotiating a contract extension, Murray said it should be easier to concentrate on football in 2012.

"One less thing to worry about," Murray told the Macon Telegraph. "Last year the whole talk was you don't get to the SEC championship game, you don't win 10 games, blah blah blah, coach Richt's gonna be fired. I know we don't talk about it too much, everybody on the team felt like hey we don't want coach Richt to leave, we love coach Richt, we love the rest of the coaches here.

"It was stressful, I think not only for us but the coaches. So I think this year everybody's a little bit more (like) relax, let's just go out there and play. I don't think anyone's on the hot seat or worrying about that."

Can't we all just get along?: Gary Pinkel wants all this nonsense about ending the Missouri-Kansas rivalry to stop. He said "when common sense takes over emotion" the two teams will play again.

"It will be a great continued rivalry and it could happen this year if we really wanted it to happen," Pinkel told "It's all choices. We're ready to do it anytime."

Right now, the Missouri-Kansas series, which has been played in football since 1892 and in basketball since 1902, has been suspended. Missouri said it was open to keeping the series afloat, but Kansas has been resistant. Now both schools are holding their ground. Pinkel said the entire discussion was comical.

"There will come a time when, without question, that in Kansas City at the beginning of the football season, hopefully Missouri and Kansas will play," he said. "That will happen sometime, when common sense takes over emotion. There is sometime when, in Kansas City, Mo., KU and Mizzou will play basketball too."

Sticky notes: Could former Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien end up at Oklahoma State? One Oklahoma radio show says O'Brien's interested… LSU is trying to move on from its poor performance in the BCS national championship… SEC ADs are not ready to make any decision on future schedules… And interim commissioner Chuck Neinas is getting credit for stabilizing the Big 12.

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