Yves Batoba turns down free $750 cleats because of the mean old NCAA

Oklahoma State cornerback Yves Batoba is trying to stay on the NCAA's good side, but Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco isn't helping.

Apparently, Batoba has a profound love of shoes and tweeted to Ochocinco that he doesn't have a pair of Louboutin shoes like the ones Ochocinco wears, which run upwards of $750. Of course, Ochocinco, being a kind and giving soul, offered to help.

Hear that? Those are NCAA sirens going off. Batoba wisely turns down the free shoes in favor of his eligibility.

"@ochocinco man if I wasn't afraid of that being an NCAA violation, I would. They get you for anything nowadays."

I wonder how many student-athletes have been faced with a similar scenario and done the exact opposite? I'd like to that that even if this wasn't so public that he would have made the same decision. He even made sure to give a shout out to the NCAA .

But it wasn't an easy one to make and Batoba did lament turning down a free pair of those prized shoes. Can you blame him? If a professional athlete offered you a free pair of ridiculously expensive cleats wouldn't you be a little miffed?

Way it goes for student-athletes, though. Big brother is always watching. Now, if @ochocinco wants to send me some Christian Louboutin shoes, I'm a size 9.5.

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H/T to The Big Lead and Pistols Firing

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