Young South Carolina fans ‘four bomb’ picture with unsuspecting Clemson coach Dabo Swinney

We'll get to the moral dilemma of pranking an unsuspecting coach taking time out of his day to take a photo in a moment, but honestly, the picture to the right is really funny.

From comes a story and photo that will not make Clemson fans, or coach Dabo Swinney, all that happy. It seems two young kids asked Swinney to take a photo. From all accounts Swinney is a pretty good guy, and he obliged. This is just a guess, but we're assuming that the kids didn't let the Clemson coach know that they are South Carolina fans.

The kids stuck up four fingers in the photo, which was apparently a "four bomb." For South Carolina fans, the four fingers are a reminder of how many consecutive victories the Gamecocks have over Clemson.

Like we said, the picture and the story behind are pretty funny.

Now, we can't say we hope this catches on. It's not very nice to turn a coach's politeness into a joke to play on him for the Internet to see. Seems a bit mean spirited. Then again, we're all in favor of rivalries and the little inside jokes that come along with them, and of course nobody was harmed in this little practical joke.

We'll leave it up to you to decide if the kids were out of line or it's all in harmless fun, and wait to see if any Clemson fans are now going to try to play any jokes on Steve Spurrier.

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