New York Post thinks all Carolinas are one and the same

Jay Busbee

It's college football season, or as they call it in New York City ... nothing, because they don't care about college football in the land of the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS and J-E-T-S JETS JETS. And as per usual when New York doesn't care about something, its denizens (or, at least, The New York Post) can't even be bothered to learn basic facts, like the fact that South Carolina and North Carolina are, in fact, separate states, and have been for a couple centuries now.

Look, we can understand not knowing where, say, Auburn or Clemson or Vanderbilt are located. There's no easy directional marker there. But North and South Carolina? Come on, that's an easy one. Then again, given that both New York City-area football teams actually play in New Jersey, maybe someone at the Post is just applying the same fuzzy geography here.