Wyoming puts its gigantic Mountain West field logo up for auction

Dr. Saturday

The University of Wyoming is holding its annual Cowboy Joe Club online auction this week, which gives fans a chance to bid on everything from autographed shirts to club seats to the giant Mountain West logo from Jonah Field.

Yup, you read that right.

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With the Mountain West switching logos last season in anticipation of several new teams joining the league, Wyoming had to find someplace to put its 30-foot wide, 15-foot tall logo, and that place might be your living room. If you have a gigantic living room.

It's brown, it's gold and it's the perfect addition to any Cowboy fans' home.

In case you're wondering, it's not real grass. The artificial surface was installed at Jonah Field in 2005. It would have been cool if you could just plant it in your front yard and have it grow with the rest of your lawn. But you could still cut out a piece of the carpet in your house and easily slip this in there. Heck, the logo is big enough to be your entire carpet.

Currently, there are three bids for the item, which is now up to $350. However, the auction doesn't close until Feb. 29, which means there's more than a week left to get your hands on this gem.

And just know that if you miss a chance to own this gigantic piece of history, the Mountain West's new cube logo will probably be up for auction in a couple years when the conference officially merges with Conference USA.

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