Wisconsin contrasts Oregon flash with subtle, classy Rose Bowl motif

Dr. Saturday

After Oregon released its typically ostentatious Rose Bowl uniforms earlier this week, Wisconsin had to have some trepidation about its bowl game duds.

But when the Badgers finally unveiled their ensembles Friday, they appeared to go the classy approach. Instead of matching Nike's over-the-top adornments and super shiny helmets, Wisconsin stayed true to its traditional look, with slight change: It added roses.

And it's very subtle.

The Badgers will wear white-on-white with white helmets, as usual, but the red numbers on the jerseys will feature a rose-petal pattern, as will the "W" on the helmet. It's actually a very delicate homage to the team's second consecutive Rose Bowl appearance.

"We are very excited to partner with Adidas on this new look," Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema said in a statement. "I think the subtle changes we have made truly highlight the tradition of the Rose Bowl while maintaining our classic look. I think the look is something our fans will really embrace and I would like to thank Adidas for coming up with something that is unique to Wisconsin and the Rose Bowl."

The contrast in Wisconsin and Oregon's uniforms is also a tribute to their contrasting offensive styles. Oregon plays a modern, quick-paced brand of football, while Wisconsin still favors a more traditional, straight-ahead running attack with its stellar tailback Montee Ball. It's good to see both teams embracing their identities.

While both uniforms are nice and a deserved reward for earning a spot in the Rose Bowl, neither will give either team a competitive advantage when the game kicks off Monday.

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