Wisconsin defensive end David Gilbert on Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez: ‘He still can’t throw’

You'd think a Wisconsin team that has yet to impress anyone this season would want to keep a low profile going into Nebraska this weekend, but defensive end David Gilbert set fire to that idea.

Gilbert ripped Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez's throwing ability to

"It still looks like he's skipping rocks out there to me," Gilbert said. "But that's not my concern. That's probably more a concern of the defensive backs. My concern is hitting him. I don't care what he throws like. I'm not trying to let him throw at all.

"He still can't throw. I'm just going to say it. He still can't throw. He's not going to beat us with his arm."

The skipping rocks line is a pretty funny description, for sure. The only thing Gilbert missed is calling Martinez "Uncle Rico."

Whether or not Martinez looks like he's skipping rocks, he has done pretty well in the passing game. His completion percentage is up to 70.7 percent, he's averaging 9.54 yards per attempt and has nine touchdowns to just one interception.

Gilbert countered that by ripping Nebraska's opponents ("I'm not convinced," Gilbert said. "The one game he didn't play very well in they lost to UCLA. You've got to look at who they've played.") and saying Martinez is prone to turning the ball over. And he punctuated that thought by challenging Martinez:

"Hitting him is going to be the key," Gilbert said. "Hitting him hard and hitting him often. Any chance I get. If you see the game (film) he tries to pitch or option away and he tries to throw a little fake, 'I'm going to cut (block) you or I'm going to get in your way.'

"I'm going to run through that. I'm going to make him feel it as much as you can. That leads to turnovers, that mentality of getting hit over and over."

Well then. It's probably safe to say Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema will pull Gilbert aside and have him explain what exactly he was thinking teeing off on Nebraska. It's not like the Cornhuskers needed more motivation after being blown out at Camp Randall Stadium last year.

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