Why yes ladies, A.J. McCarron would love to sign that body part (PHOTOS)

Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron has an affinity for ink — I mean, have you seen his tattoo?

So when a young woman named Charlotte came up to him and asked him to autograph her breasts, and Sharpie appeared and McCarron was more than happy to oblige.

He is, after all, the quarterback of the best team in the nation and he wouldn't want to disappoint a fan.

The awkward autographing happened last Saturday at a Tuscaloosa bar called Gallettes following the 42-10 win over Missouri. Charlotte was celebrating her 21st birthday and couldn't think of a better present than McCarron's John Hancock between her bosoms.

And thanks to the good folks over at Busted Coverage, we have photographic evidence of how awesome it is to be the quarterback of the nation's No. 1 team.

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