A whirlwind trip to Spain ends with Kelly running through the street of Pamplona

Last week, Oregon wide receivers coach Scott Frost posted a picture of himself (right) and coach Chip Kelly (middle) supposedly after running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. However, the picture was vague. It was three men standing in a in a nondescript place that really could have been anywhere in the world.

So, during Pac-12 media day, the Doc sought out coach Kelly and asked him to verify and elaborate on his bull running experience.

"Oh, it was real," Kelly said of the photo. "And it was a blast. We scouted the course out, put a gameplan together, used our analytical minds and figured it all out. Then when the rocket went off for it to start, our gameplan went out the window. We didn't follow that at all. But it was a lot of fun. Something I've wanted to do for a long time. We talked about it for awhile and it just fit into our schedules."

Kelly said his whole trip to Pamplona lasted about 36 hours. He flew in on the night of July 6 and left the day after the race. It was a whirlwind, kind of like his offense.

We asked Kelly if running with the bulls made for some "Holy (expletive)!" moments and he laughed.

"Oh the whole thing was," Kelly said. "We got pushed to the start kind of where deadman's curve is. We saw the bulls running around the curve and they just started running down that long straightaway and the big dogleg left at the end. A couple of them passed me. I had to jump to the wall to get out of the way a little bit. Then got back in, saw Scotty and we finally made it into the stadium. That was my goal, to make it into the stadium."

Kelly lamented about how brief the trip was, but was excited he had the opportunity to go.

"It was an amazing experience and the people were fantastic," Kelly said. "It's a part of the San Fermin festival, which goes on for a weeklong deal. It was something I've always wanted to do and I survived."

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