Western Kentucky hires Bobby Petrino and all of his baggage

With Western Kentucky's hiring of Bobby Petrino, the school is assured of winning some football games and losing its soul. Perhaps that's a fair trade-off in college football.

Petrino, who has a long, long history of lying to and disappointing employers, will be the role model for the young men at Western Kentucky, which will hire him to be its new head coach, according to the Bowling Green Daily News' Chad Bishop.

The draw to Petrino is that he is a good football coach, which causes schools to overlook everything else.

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From Jessica Dorrell to lying to Louisville about meeting with Auburn to leaving the Atlanta Falcons in the middle of the night, Petrino has quite a history. Pat Forde has recapped all of Petrino's shortcomings here. It's not just one incident, it's a decade of them.

Here's what will happen at WKU: Petrino will do pretty well. He is a very good football coach and he should build that program up. He will leave at the first available chance. If he got a better offer 10 minutes after his press conference, he would leave. And probably lie to WKU about it up to the moment he left. WKU will be lucky if Petrino doesn't embarrass the school before he leaves.

With the hire, WKU can have no reasonable expectation of its athletes doing the right thing on campus, or telling the truth. Look who the school hired to lead them. But, the Hilltoppers will win football games.

So, in that regard, this is a good hire for WKU. Petrino will have that team very competitive in the Sun Belt before he leaves at the first opportunity. And, hopefully for Western Kentucky, he doesn't leave it in the middle of a season like he did with the Atlanta Falcons.

Winning football games matters. That's why Petrino will keep getting jobs.

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