Watch out, Joe Namath: Barry Switzer rocked a fur coat at the Super Bowl too (Photo)

Barry Switzer's fur coat made it to the Super Bowl.

While former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath got a ton of attention for the fur coat he was wearing for the coin toss of Sunday's game, Switzer tweeted a picture of himself in his coat an hour before the game.

If the coat looks familiar, it's because it is. It's the same fur coat that he wore to an Oklahoma practice in the spring. It must be a trusty coat.

But how in the world did everyone at MetLife Stadium miss the opportunity to have Namath and Switzer take a picture together? That's the biggest Super Bowl fail outside of the Broncos' tackling.

And we also have to ask if Switzer congratulated the Seahawks before the game. We certainly wouldn't put it past him.

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