A Washington State-themed light show to warm the downtrodden hearts of Cougar fans (VIDEO)

We don't see many collegiate-themed Christmas light shows around here, so when someone decides to post one on YouTube, especially one as intricate as this, we feel an obligation to post it (it does beat a corn maze).

Mark Showalter, a Washington State alumnus, has done various light shows at his home over the years, but this holiday season, he decided to create one that plays along with the Washington State fight song.

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The video, which was done by WSU News, chronicled Showalter's concept for the light show, goes into detail about how the show materialized, the stringing of the lights and then finally displays the show itself - at least the fight song part. Make sure you turn up your volume or you won't get the effect.

This is a pretty neat idea and should give Wazzu fans some pride after a dismal 3-9 season. And if there are any other light shows out there that need some Dr. Saturday love, be sure to send them our way.

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H/T to CougCenter

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