A Washington State flag made it into the crowd behind ESPN’s Super Bowl coverage (Photo)

The presence of a Washington State flag is not limited to College Game Day.

If you've watched ESPN's college football pregame show on a semi-regular basis, you've likely noticed the presence of a flag with the Cougars' logo on it in the crowd, no matter where the show is originating from.

The flags are so omnipresent that entering 2013, the streak of Game Days with a Wazzu flag was at 133. And this week, the Wazzu flags started to branch out into the realm of the NFL.

The presence of a Washington State flag started as an inside joke more than 10 years ago, but throughout the years it's one of the best traditions surrounding College Game Day. It's a pricey one too. According to FTW, it costs $1500 a year to ship the two flags that are used for Game Day from flag holder to flag holder.

No word if the flag pictured above is one of the two Game Day flags, but could this be the start of a Super Bowl streak?

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(H/T Reddit CFB)

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