Washington coach Steve Sarkisian says Stanford players faked injuries to slow Washington down

Washington coach Steve Sarkisian accused Stanford players of faking injuries to slow down the Huskies offensive tempo during the Cardinal’s 31-28 win.

"Their defensive line coach [former Washington assistant Randy Hart] was telling them to sit down," Sarkisian said during his postgame radio show, according to SportspressNW.com.

"I guess that's how we play here at Stanford, so we'll have to prepare for that next time. At some point, we'll get repaid for it. That never serves a purpose for us, and we'll never do that."

Late in the game, the Stanford had a few clock-stopping injuries with defensive linemen and linebackers. According to the San Jose Mercury News, linebacker Shayne Skov was asked about his injury that forced the clock to stop and him to come out of the game for a play.

“Took a shot. It's football. Sometimes you get hit,” Skov said. “I'm fine, but needed a moment to take care of it."

David Shaw was not available Sunday to address the comments.

Sarkisian also took issue with the way the game ended. Washington quarterback Keith Price found a diving Kevin Smith for a 16-yard reception on fourth-and-10. The play was reviewed and officials decide the ball hit the ground, essentially ending the game.

Sarkisian said he didn't think there was conclusive evidence to overturn the play, especially since it was called a catch on the field.

“It was ruled a catch, and to overturn a catch you have to have conclusive evidence,” Sarkisian told KJR radio. “If it takes three minutes (to deliver a verdict), I’m not sure there’s conclusive evidence. If it was the other way, where it was ruled a no-catch and then reversed, I could live with it. But to say it was complete (on the field) and then take three minutes, I have a hard time swallowing that one.

“To have two teams play like this on national TV, and have it decided by some man in a glass box in a suite . . . it’s like a great movie with a bad ending.”

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