Want to make a QB look awkward? Have him throw with his opposite hand (Video)

What do Aaron Murray, AJ McCarron, Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr look like when trying to throw a football with their left hands? Well, it's not nearly as fluid as it looks normally.

All four quarterbacks are right-handed and while on the ESPN campus, they filmed a video throwing with their left hands.

As someone who is half left-handed and right-handed depending on the task, I totally feel the awkwardness they're experiencing. When you throw with your opposite hand, everything that's natural and reactionary with the normal motion is thrown off and your body has to pause to think about repeating the process in the opposite way. You can see that most in McCarron's motion. Maybe Pat Venditte needs to give them some instruction?

Bridgewater looks the most fluid, and we've got to wonder if this will help make up for his pro day. After all of the negative reaction to it, some scouts have to be salivating over the fact that he doesn't look totally lost throwing with his left hand. His draft status could easily move up based off this video.

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