Wake Forest’s off-the-wall team building competition includes belly flop and pizza eating contests

Wake Forest had an unusual day of spring practice this week.

The Demon Deacons had a "Superstars" competition (for the uninformed, "Superstars" was a show on ABC that pitted athletes doing other Olympic-style sports, like Joe Frazier swimming or O.J. Simpson playing tennis ... it was pretty cool, trust me). The players picked teams and had some goofy sports to compete in:

What, nobody had to debate James Carville or finish an academic decathlon with a long speech on "The Puppy Who Lost Its Way," huh?

The highlight, other than the various mixture of joy to about-to-vomit in the pizza eating contest picture above, was the belly flop competition. I mean, who doesn't want to see linemen diving stomach first into the pool?

The runner up video, tweeted out by Himebauch, was 310-pound offensive lineman Hunter Goodwin:

Ouch. But the "winner" was 260-pound Nikita Whitlock, who didn't hold back and probably still has the red belly to prove it:

Good times at Wake Forest this spring. As ESPN.com noted, the competition lasted about four hours, and was capped off by a team barbeque (and please tell us that the guys involved in the pizza competition didn't double up at the BBQ).

Spring football, for the most part, is boring. There's no regular-season game in the immediate future, and the same things you do in spring will just be repeated again at training camp. Giving the players a day to have some fun probably wasn't the worst idea for Wake Forest.

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