VOD: Wisconsin throws its hat in the Gangham Style parody ring

Dr. Saturday

I think there are college kids who sit around, listening to Spotify, wondering if they can change the lyrics of each song to make a music video that glorifies their college football team.

And come on, when Gangham Style started getting eleventy billion hits on YouTube, you knew there would be a response song changing the lyrics to fit someone's favorite team.

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Alas, the fine folks at the University of Wisconsin have done it.

The song is "Badger Style," by David Yang. Obviously a lot of work went into the video, which was shot around campus, and there's a pretty nice touch incorporating the Wisconsin tradition "Jump Around." The Oregon Duck danced to the original Gangham Style song, as did Texas A&M's president, but Wisconsin went all out with its parody.

This isn't Wisconsin's first rodeo, because this is the school that brought you "Teach Me How to Bucky," as well (which also incorporated "Jump Around" ... I hope House of Pain is OK with this). And America's Dairyland doesn't stop with its college teams -- there's a particularly hideous "Packer Rock Anthem" to take in as well.

So stay up on your current hits, football fans. Your ticket to being an Internet sensation could be a few changed lyrics away.

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