VOD: Watch Butch Jones’ first team meeting with Tennessee

Dr. Saturday

It's always interesting to think what a coach is like during his first meeting with a new team. This is his first impression with the group of players whose performance for him will ultimately mean his success or failure.

Tennessee let us see at least a little bit of Butch Jones' first meeting with Tennessee, and it was very enlightening.

Jones is serious throughout, aside from a crack about wanting to run the Wing-T and run the ball every play, which drew some laughs from the players. He came off as confident and honest with the players, telling them he's there to win championships, that Tennessee has the best facilities in the nation and that his door is always open for them.

Not that the bits and pieces of Jones' first meeting that Tennessee decided to include in this YouTube video mean Jones will or won't be a good fit with the Volunteers, but it's a great look at what a coach sounds like during that all-important first meeting with his new team.

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