VOD: Vanderbilt reVealed is a fantastic idea

Dr. Saturday

We all love college football. We all want to see more of it.

The game production has never been better. No issues there. What enhances that experience is getting a peek behind the curtain. And for that we thank Vanderbilt.

We're in an era in which coaches are paranoid and afraid to share anything. No injury reports, no interesting quotes, nothing. They apparently think that helps them win games, which is ludicrous. But James Franklin at Vanderbilt has gone the other way and given access to the locker room before and after games, and that has made for a riveting series called Vanderbilt reVealed, which is posted by the school on YouTube.

This week's episode was an all-inclusive look at the Commodores' win against Tennessee, which is always an emotional in-state rivalry game. You see the Commodores coaches getting the players fired up, junior safety Javon Marshall's incredible pregame speech (don't tell me you don't want to run out on the field after hearing that), Franklin's postgame comments to the team when they're done singing and dancing and senior safety Eric Samuels expressing his love for his teammates and coaches. It's great to see those personalities come out.

Now, there was no all-time great highlight like when Franklin put the mascot over his shoulder and ran him into the locker room, but this week's clip is great anyway. More access to stuff like this is always going to be better for fans, and better for the sport. And sharing more instead of less is obviously not keeping Vanderbilt from winning games.

We hope more coaches follow Franklin's lead and give us more opportunities to see what happens behind the scenes.

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