VOD: ‘Singing Hog Lady’ makes a special YouTube appearance for Marcus Lattimore

It's been more than a month since the "Singing Hog Lady" from Arkansas graced the Internet with her presence, but she made a special appearance this last weekend to give injured South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore some strength through the power of song.

Liz McDaniel, aka Liz Honey, is sporting her Razorbacks gear in the video like she always does, but she does not have her nose taped up to make her look like a pig, much to the dismay of everyone watching. She does belt out a rendition of Mariah Carey's "Hero" to help lift Lattimore's spirits.

Here's what she wrote on her YouTube description of the video:

"Although today was rough for Razorback Nation, Marcus' injury made it seem pale in comparison.

Marcus and South Carolina Gamecocks, I feel safe in saying the whole country is feeling you and praying for Marcus to have a full recovery."

Welcome back "Singing Hog Lady." We missed you.

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H/T Lost Lettermen

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