VOD: RB Ty Isaac was offered a car on a recruiting trip (and other tales from the recruiting trail)

We haven’t done a Video of the Day in awhile, but with National Signing Day coming up in a couple weeks, we thought this one would be appropriate.

ESPN asked some of the nation’s top recruits about their craziest recruiting stories and while the NCAA is going to have a tough time investigating few of the claims, they're still interesting.

The best claim? Running back Ty Isaac, a USC commit, saying one school indirectly offered him a car for his pledge to their school. Now before anyone jumps to conclusions, he doesn’t name the school.

Also, quarterback Cooper Bateman, an Alabama pledge, said that he was given twins to chaperone him during his recruiting trip to an unnamed school.

Girls seemed to be a popular recruiting tool.

While a lot of the stories were kinda lame, we all knew that there was some truth to the recruiting tactics in movies such as Blue Chips and The Program. This just proves it.

ESPN pulled the video from YouTube after it was released, but thanks to some enterprising folks over at MGoBlog, it’s back for public consumption.

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H/T Buzzfeed

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