VOD: Penn State homecoming video blurs Joe Paterno’s name (Updated)

Before you read this post, watch this video.

Watch it again; it's only 33 seconds.

Did you catch it?

This is Penn State's official homecoming video. It's cute. A little boy in a Penn State jersey goes scampering across the yard into the waiting arms of his grandmother, who's probably been baking cookies in anticipation of his arrival.

But at the 14-second mark, the video turns to a book on a shelf and there's something very strange about the book — a word is blurred out.

That word?


Yes. It's a Joe Paterno book in a promo about the school he made famous. However, the school — or at least the makers of this video — seem to have mixed feelings about the late coach and therefore instead of using a different book, decide to blur out the word "Joe."


Maybe the creator of the video is sending some sort of message by simultaneously supporting Paterno and pretending he never existed?

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There have been hundreds, maybe thousands, of books written about Penn State and several of them don't have Joe Paterno's name in the title. Using one of those would have saved the time it took to blur Paterno's name out and awkwardness of using the book in the video in the first place.

UPDATED: From a Penn State blog regarding the blurring of Joe Paterno's name:

The name "Joe" is blurred because, Penn State's Homecoming committee noted on its Twitter account, "Due to licensing issues, we are unable to promote products that are not owned by Penn State Homecoming in any of our promotional material."

Thanks to The School Philly for the catch

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