VOD: Oregon endorses ‘sporks,’ not Arizona State’s ‘forks’

Oregon and Arizona State will meet Thursday in a matchup of the Pac-12's top teams.

And while the teams themselves have been relatively quiet when it comes to smack talk, the mascots have been throwing YouTube grenades on each other as Arizona State mascot, Sparky, has been trying to undermine Puddles' campaign for President of the United States.

No, seriously.

A lot of the video has been smart and fun, and Oregon's latest video, which cites forks as dangerous objects, is fairly humorous, though it does make Sparky, who carries a pitchfork, seem a little more menacing.

Arizona State started the YouTube war as part of its quest to black out Thursday's game. It's call to #BlkOutDuck has been a rallying cry around campus as the university has spent weeks — and precious YouTube time — trying to make sure everyone in attendance rocks black on Thursday.

It's been a fun bit between two Pac-12 mascots, but like most political sparing, I don't think we'll be sad to see it end.

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