VOD: The Ohio State University Marching Band, ladies and gentlemen

It's fitting that in a game where Ohio State put up video game-like numbers that the Buckeyes' marching band would do an ode to video games.

And it is spectacular.

I mean, really spectacular.

The marching band replayed a scene from Super Mario Brothers where the band formed the question mark blocks and members dressed as Mario and Luigi came along to pop the coins out of said blocks.

The band also formed a Tetris board (complete with moving pieces), Pokeman and the logo to Halo.

But the best and most amazing part of the entire performance was during the ode to Zelda (one of my favorite games of all time) where the band formed a horse and then the horse ran across the field (check out the 6-minute mark).

Let's be honest, the band performance was more entertaining than the game.

Oh, and of course, there was an obligatory shot at Michigan toward the end.

This is a fun performance that deserves the multitudes of YouTube hits it's already received and we look forward to seeing what else they come up with this season.

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