VOD: Notre Dame’s other head coaches try and fail at ‘Trick Shot Monday’

We haven’t done a Video of the Day in awhile, but this one was too good to pass up.

“Trick Shot Monday” became a staple during Notre Dame’s run to the national championship last year and now some of the Irish’s other head coaches are getting in on the act.

The idea of “Trick Shot Monday” is to make a ping pong ball into a plastic cup full of water. Sounds easy enough, but players on the football team would often make the shots as difficult as possible, using chairs, tables and even other players' heads as ways to get the ball into the cup.

What worked for the football team didn’t necessarily work for a handful of Notre Dame coaches from various sports, who were called into athletic director Jack Swarbrick’s office and given a cup and a ping pong ball. The results are actually really funny as their attempts are pretty poor and softball coach Deanna Gumpf chimes in with, “We suck.”

It’s not until senior cornerback Bennett Jackson walks in to complain about the noise that he finally solves the mystery of “Trick Shot Monday.” The celebration that ensues is awesome.

When did Notre Dame stop taking itself so seriously?

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