VOD: What do Notre Dame fans really think about the SEC?

Notre Dame is in the top 5 of the BCS Standings, but two big obstacles stand in the Irish's way of making a national championship — and they both belong to the SEC.

So, Lisa Cornwell of SEC Press Pass decided to take a trip up to South Bend to find out what the Irish faithful think of the nation's best football conference and the results are pretty funny.

Cornwell visits various tailgates and asks several questions about Johnny Football and what various fans know about the SEC. At one point, she asked a fan who had more national championships, Alabama or Notre Dame.

"If Alabama is counting the way they count, they have about 50 national titles," the fan said. "I don't know that the years really add up right… I think they've won three this year just by beating Mizzou last week. They racked up two."

That fan took a couple digs at Missouri, so he's obviously from Kansas posing as a Notre Dame fan.

My favorite part of the video is the drunk chick who gives her best "Roll Tide" and then tries to rhyme "Irish" with "SEC." It's as brilliant as it sounds.

In the end, a couple fans are brutally honest about Notre Dame's chances of winning a game against the SEC after Cornwell asks why the Irish face every conference but the SEC.

"I would love to see it as long as it's not Alabama because they're just too dominant," one fan said.

Added his buddy: "Playing Alabama, that would be, that would be too much."

Keep the faith Irish fans.

Thanks to Coaching Search for spotting the video.

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