VOD: Northwestern uses its ‘day off’ to get dirty with Navy SEALs

Today's video of the day (the one that's not produced in-house) comes from Northwestern football.

We've profiled a lot of teams taking a day off of camp to play paintball, go swimming, go bowling, but we've never profiled anything like this.

The Wildcats spent their "day off" working with three Navy SEALs on a beach learning teamwork, mental toughness and the name of one of the walk-on freshmen.

The video is kind of intense. The players are asked to run into the surf and then cover themselves head-to-toe in sand. They have to help each other accomplish this and several other feats. While it looks fun, not sure I'd want to do it.

But of all the "day off" activities we've seen so far this fall camp, this will probably be the most rewarding.

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