VOD: Mizzou is SEC bound with guitars, cowboy hats and half-naked girls

Today's Video of the Day comes from Missouri and some dudes in cowboy hats, who call themselves Fifth Down.

Honestly, the video production isn't bad, even the lead singing isn't terrible, but the words are ridiculous and the images in the video are just… I don't even have a word for it.

I get that this video is trying to show that Missouri is Southern (even though it's really not) by staging the video in a wheat field and adding some hay bales, a rooster, some random shots of a guy riding a horse, old pickup trucks and a boat-car thing (what the hell is that?). But last time I checked, Columbia, Mo., where the University of Missouri is located, has a Dick's Sporting Goods and a Steak 'n Shake.

And do girls really walk around Columbia in bikinis? Because if they do, well then Columbia just became the most popular city in the SEC.

What's worse is the song opens with a reference to one of the most mocked songs in college football history.

The big winner in this video is Texas A&M, which is hoping this detracts from the awful video it put out (and later pulled) earlier in the offseason.

As several people told me when this video emerged, what ever happened to college kids just getting drunk?

H/T to SDS.com

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