VOD: Minnesota has some dance moves it would like to share with you

Dr. Saturday

Minnesota is 3-0 for the first time since 2008, so I guess that's cause for a little bit of celebration - or bad dancing.

Lucky for us, Minnesota has splashed the Internet with the latter this week from some of the players dancing for the student organization We Are (not sure if they knew they were being filmed) to trying to get fans revved up for a new third-quarter tradition called "Do the Gopher."

Is it just me or does the Gopher dance video look awkward and forced? The female athletes look like they're having fun while the football players are cursing their lot in life.

Regardless, live it up Minnesota. This is as many wins as the Gophers all last season. Unfortunately, the schedule gets a little tougher from here on out starting with this weekend's game against Syracuse.

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