VOD: Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman has a little trouble during her halftime speech

Dr. Saturday

Today’s video of the day comes from Michigan and university president Mary Sue Coleman.

During halftime of the Nebraska game, Coleman delivered a speech that caused many to wonder whether she was inebriated while doing so. She elongates her words so much that its sounds like someone is messing with the audio, and that’s what Michigan is claiming.

The university sent a statement to The Michigan Daily claiming that it was audio issues that caused the speech to sound so strange and not Coleman partaking of a few too many vodka tonics.

In a statement to the Daily early Monday, the University acknowledged the “awkward audio” but said it was due to “significant feedback” from Michigan Stadium’s PA system.

“She, absolutely, had not been drinking alcohol,” University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald wrote in a statement. “I want to underscore that point in the strongest possible way.”

In any case, this ultimately might have been the most interesting part of the game for Michigan fans, who endured their second consecutive loss.

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