VOD: James Franklin celebrates Vanderbilt’s win by carrying mascot on his shoulder to locker room

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Sometimes, the uninhibited joy and celebration after a big win can be better than watching the win itself.

For some reason, when Vanderbilt coach James Franklin saw the Commodores' mascot on his way to the locker room after his team's big win at Ole Miss last week, he thought the proper response was to throw Mr. Commodore over his shoulder and run him into the locker room to celebrate with the team.

Go to 5:30 of the video above to watch it. It was absolutely awesome and hilarious.

The Commodores were celebrating a 27-26 win at Ole Miss that made Vanderbilt bowl eligible. And did the coach ever celebrate. So did Mr. Commodore, who started jumping around with the team in the locker room once Franklin set him down.

"Mr. Commodore was there," Franklin said during the SEC coaches teleconference this week. "I threw him over my shoulder and ran him about 50 yards. I threw him into the players and he started jumping around with us. It was awesome. I am a passionate guy. I have fun with my players. We enjoy winning around here."

The entire video is pretty cool, including the pregame and postgame speeches.

Players and coaches spend a lot of time and effort during the week to win a game. It's fun to see them enjoy the fruits of that labor.

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