VOD: Houston coach Tony Levine shows off his sax skills

When Tony Levine replaced Kevin Sumlin at Houston, he was an unknown.

The former tight end and wide receivers coach was named head coach before last season's bowl game, slipping innocuously into the role. Ever since then, Levine has quietly ventured into the public eye, rattled off some good quotes (my favorite: "Pretty sure Case Keenum took his shoes with him.") and is now showing he's an everyman with musical skills.

Last week, Levine stopped by Houston's band camp to visit, chat, show how appreciative he was of their service, oh and show them all up on the saxophone.

For just a few seconds, Levine turned into Sergio (though he did keep his shirt on) and belted out a few notes much to the delight of the rest of the band.

Hey, if this whole coaching thing doesn't work out, he's at least got something on which to fall back.

H/T to Lost Lettermen

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