VOD: Hilarious ‘letter home’ from Ole Miss fan after Texas loss in Ken Burns’ ‘Civil War’ style

Frank Schwab

Here's a recipe for hilarity: A spoof of Ken Burns' Civil War documentary, with a "letter home" from an Ole Miss fan after its loss to Texas, full of photoshop goodness.

The video creation comes from Good Bull Hunting, a Texas A&M blog. And it's brilliant.

The "letter home" is set after Ole Miss lost 66-31 to Texas on Sept. 15. "Tell mother not to fret, because I'm sure I'll be home by Christmas, since we will probably not be fighting by then," is simply fantastic.

The final credits say the video was created by @cuppycup, written by @DrNorrisCamacho and narrated by @thacktor. Well done.

H/T to Good Bull Hunting

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