VOD: Cincinnati coaches run gassers for team’s untidiness

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Today’s Video of the Day comes from Cincinnati and some football coaches that probably need to exercise just a bit more.

Cincy coach Tommy Tuberville was upset with his team following Tuesday’s practice because he – once again – found the locker room in disarray.

“All year long I told you about that dressing room,” Tuberville told his team. “Yesterday was the worst it’s ever been…. It was pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. I outta run the heck outta you.”

And that’s where the twist came into play.

Instead of making the Bearcats run, Tuberville sentenced his coaches to two gassers and the results were both hilarious and mildly sad.

The gassers were probably the slowest ever run and by the end of the second one, Tuberville was pulling up the rear.

The players were happy about the change of pace, but even they had some trash talk for their coaches after practice ended.

“There’s a big problem going on here,” receiver Max Morrison said. “They’re out here making us work as hard as they can and we ask for two gassers from them and they come back and they’re about to pass out. They can’t even talk to us.”

Added receiver Chris Moore: “Some of them need to do a little extra running,” “I was a little saddened… All I got is one message: Ya’ll need to start running more and eating better.”

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