VOD: A British comedian tries to do play-by-play on the 2013 BCS National Championship

Trying to explain the rules of (American) football to someone who doesn’t know the game can be a challenge. At the professional level, the sport has tried to make inroads in Europe, but if this video is any indication, things haven’t gone particularly well.

With no understanding of the game, British comedian Anthony Richardson took his shot at some “Bad British Commentary” on last year’s BCS National Championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

Richardson calls the game the “NFL semifinals,” calls Notre Dame “a French team,” and claims that AJ McCarron, or “QB Junior,” as he refers to him, “has been on the internet three times – a school record.”

He takes on some play-by-play, deciphers a referees signals, before Alabama “wins a crystal.”

Pretty funny stuff.

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H/T Deadspin

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