VOD: Arkansas fans have a ballad for you, Jon Gruden

Dr. Saturday

We all know Arkansas fans are desperate to find a coach to bring Arkansas to prominence, but I don't think anyone could fully grasp how desperate until this video surfaced this week.

This Arkansas fan trio make a sad plea for Jon Gruden to leave his post at ESPN and come join the Razorbacks. Gruden has been mentioned in nearly every coaching search in the country, but no other fan base has turned the Beatles hit "Hey Jude" into "Hey Grude" to show the depth of desire to get the nation's most eligible coaching bachelor.

Honestly, the singing isn't bad — it's actually quite good — and the words are clever, but there's something a little sad about this. But what else would we expect from the fan base that gave us Liz Honey (aka the Singing Hog Lady)?

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H/T Bleacher Report

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