VOD: Utah tries to take its recruiting to a 'Fast and Furious' level

Dr. Saturday

When you think of Utah football, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Fast cars, right?

Yeah, me too. We’re totally on the same page with that one.

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So it’s a good thing Utah decided to capitalize on its well-known persona and create a recruiting video that tries (emphasize the word tries) to emulate the Fast and the Furious.

Ute Fast / Ute Furious from Utah Football on Vimeo.

So what I gather from this video is that Utah is sick of losing its top recruits to out-of state competition. And that’s fair. In the last two years, the top recruits in the state, including 2015’s No. 1 overall recruit Porter Gustin, went to other Pac-12 schools. Only twice since the Utes joined the Pac-12 in 2011 have they received a signature from a recruit ranked in the top three in state (2011 and 2013). Not once during that time has the top recruit gone to Utah and only once — OL Ryker Matthews — has the top in-state recruit stayed in state.

But did the Utah coaches have to put the poor unsuspecting folks of Salt Lake City in harms way during the making of this video? I mean, they’re changing lanes without signaling, they’re revving their engines, they’re crossing the centerline on two-lane roads and there’s even a shot of some poor student driver who will probably never be able to get on the road again.

Although this video tried hard, it fell well short of Arizona's "Speed" video, which still reigns supreme as the best random college football gimmick video ever made.

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