VOD: Troy's Terrence Jones squatted 810 pounds


We're all about feats of strength at Dr. Saturday, and Terrence Jones' squat is incredibly impressive.

The junior offensive lineman from Troy recently squatted 810 pounds and it was a really easy rep. He might have been able to get another 10 pounds or so on the bar.

Jones is listed at 320 pounds, and if that's correct, 810 is just over 2.5 times his bodyweight. For most men,  a good squat is anything over 1.5 times bodyweight and you're really strong if you can squat (with your thighs parallel to the ground) twice your bodyweight.

At Jones' listed weight, it's a coefficient that's downright awesome. Plus, it's more than a 100-pound improvement from what he squatted last year. Being young and lifting a lot has its advantages.

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