VOD: Ohio bonds with some early morning Navy SEAL training

Today’s Video of the Day features Ohio, one of our favorite Mid-American Conference teams, getting into the military spirit.

Like many teams before them, Ohio used Navy SEAL training prior to the start of fall camp to create toughness and more importantly, bond as a program.

This workout, which started at 5 a.m., looks absolutely brutal, especially when guys are crawling through sand dragging a teammate underneath them.

At one point, Jake Zweig, who is leading the workout, yells: "Right now, you're more uncomfortable than you'll ever be in a game."

This approach in a collegiate offseason isn’t new. Several teams work with Navy SEALs in the offseason as a team-building exercise and usually have nothing but positive things to say about the experience afterward.

At the end of the video, Ohio seems to also have enjoyed the experience.

The only think missing is coach Frank Solich getting dragged across the beach.

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