VOD: Nebraska coach Bo Pelini helps military sergeant reunite with his wife

Friday morning, I was asked if there was a point where “military person comes home” videos jump the shark.

I called the person a communist and proceeded to write this post on a touching military welcome home facilitated by Nebraska coach Bo Pelini.

Sergeant Matthew Salomons and his wife, Becca, are big Nebraska fans and Becca was invited to take a tour of Memorial Stadium. Pelini snapped a couple pictures with Becca and then said he had a better picture for her and he retreated to a hallway. A few minutes later, he returned with Salomons, who had been in the Middle East for the past nine months and was surprising his wife with his homecoming.

While Becca was surprised to see her husband, she did confess that she felt something was afoot with the random invite to Memorial Stadium. Still, it was a cute reunion and one that we would post over and over again.

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